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A friend with your best interest in mind:


Rosemary was there when I bought my home and when I sold my home. While we were looking, some 3 years ago, I was very nervous about taking such a huge step in life and when I told Rosemary she was understanding and informative. At no point did I feel alone. At no point did I feel rushed. And at all points I felt cared for. Fast forward to selling that same home; I knew I had a capable, caring and knowledgeable contact to help me along the way. And not only help me, but educate me as well. Many times in life with business transactions you feel like a number or a burden or a nuisance. But with Rosemary I guarantee you will feel like family and all of your concerns or worries will have answers and solutions. I would recommend her to anyone I care about. In closing, this potentially stressful situation was made enjoyable all because of Rosemary. Thank you for everything.

Alexandra M.

Rosemary helped us purchase our first home in downtown San Diego over 12 years ago and recently handled the sale of our second home which was a complex transaction best handled by a pro. She knows downtown San Diego real estate VERY well. Last but not least, she has demonstrated patience and kindness to her clients who have disabilities or special needs.


We highly recommend Rosemary Snow.

Terri Otto

Rosemary was quick and responsive in supporting us with the purchase of our first home. She was on top of the market and pro active in many aspects of the deal.

Maxwell Dworkin

Rosemary is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the downtown area. We have worked with her on the purchase and sale of 4 homes! WE LOVE HER!

Al Rosende

Rosemary Snow is an incredible Realtor and a force to be reckoned with in San Diego. To say I have been satisfied with Rosemary and my experience buying a home would be a grave understatement—this woman is the real deal. If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent, I urge you to look no further.

Prior to working with Rosemary, I was working with a decent agent in town. Being that this was my first home purchase, I didn’t know what to expect. Prior to working with Rosemary, I didn’t feel like a priority and felt like my business and interests were under-appreciated. After a few months had passed, a friend recommended Rosemary as she had recently sold his condo. When he assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed, he couldn’t have said it better.

Rosemary immediately began working to understand my needs and assured me she wouldn’t let me buy a home that didn’t satisfy me. We began viewing multiple properties and talking about the pros and cons of each property. She never pressured me and was always very upfront and honest. Being a busy young professional, I didn’t dedicate the time I should have to research and educate myself of the inter working of home buying.

Rosemary was very patient with me and always explained every finite detail until I was completely satisfied. The home buying process will never be “easy” and certainly isn’t designed for anyone impatient like me. What is most important, whether buying or selling, is that you have an extremely knowledgeable agent you trust—you will not find one better than Rosemary.

Connor Lynch

Love, love, love our place!!!! It’s so perfect for us!

It was one of the easiest and most enjoyable purchases we have ever made…because of you.  Thank you so very much…and if we ever come across someone looking for an agent…will would be so excited to send them to you!

Martha and Rob

I will keep this short and to the point. I have bought and sold around 20 properties and Rosemary is the best agent I have encountered, yet. This includes large transactions. She is knowledgeable, professional and you can trust her. She will help you maximize your transaction and use complex strategies to accomplish your goals. She is a true professional!

Jim Irish

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